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Kargil Kartoons, was a drive  under which various leading cartoonists from Indian Media drawn on the spot caricatures of the Army Troops, who were travelling through the New Delhi railway station on their way to the battle front. This drive also includes a chain of exhibitions of cartoons, held at the major cities of India and a compilation of cartoons.  

With the help of other fellow cartoonists (E Suresh, Irfan Khan, Jagjeet Rana, Kaak, Sandeep Joshi, Sudhir Goswami, Rohnit Phore, Unny, Govind Dixit, Abhishek Tiwari, Devender, Pawan), Shekhar Gurera coordinated the total drive and himself joined the drive to sketch the caricatures as a token of their collective solidarity with the Indian Army, fighting in the difficult terrains of Kashmir. 

During July 1999, the Kargil Kartoons (a chain of cartoon exhibitions) was started at Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi and later held at Jaipur, Chandigarh, Patna and Indore.

Kargil Kartoons (A Compilation of Cartoons based upon Kargil War), dedicated to Indian Defense Forces was published by the Arya Book Depot. with MRP Rs50/-. The book was exhibited at Delhi Book Fair '1999 also at the galleries of the cartoon exhibitions. The total Income earned from the sale of it was forwards to the welfare funds of Indian Army by the GOI. All cartoonists gave their services voluntarily and without any honorarium. 

Kargil Main Pic.gif

Poster of the drive Kargil Kartoons, drawn by Shekhar Gurera with autographs of Army Troops whose caricatures were drawn & gifted on the spot at New Delhi Railway Station 


Doordarshan Coverage at New Delhi Railway Station : July 1999

Kargil Toon 22


Kargil Toon 09


Kargil Toon 28

...Sorry, I too am collecting funds for Kargil jawans!

Kargil Toon 27

I told you not to sponsor our company's logo for Army uniforms.

Kargil Toon 26

...Politics is still lying inside bunkers!

Kargil Toon 25

... So you have also been equally benefited by Bofors guns!

Kargil Toon 24

Sir he is only the emissary of their messenger!

Kargil Toon 23

...It’ll be more impressive if I address my election rally in a soldier’s uniform!

Kargil Toon 21

...Daring candidate? are you talking about poll battle or Kargil?

Kargil Toon 20

...Of course we’ll also demand the return of Indian sugar from Pakistan!

Kargil Toon 19

...Can these be a safe passage to the Lok Sabha!

Kargil Toon 18

...Now they'll charge Pak army with battle-fixing!

Kargil Toon 17

...In fact, Kargil fund is another scheme like VDIS and Samadhan!

Kargil Toon 16

...By sticking to Kargil,we can prove ourselves patriots without violating the poll code!

Kargil Toon 15

...Let us name our party factions after popular regiments!

Kargil Toon 14

...We can launch a new one-way bus service- Kargil to Lahore.

Kargil Toon 13


Kargil Toon 12

...Two more parties have been launched just now, we have to arrange two more chairs!

Kargil Toon 11

...It will be more patriotic to donate one month’s “income’ instead of one month’s Salary!

Kargil Toon 01

... Now, our cricket team will need a ‘safe passage!

Kargil Toon 02

... This time we will raise the Bofors issue!

Kargil Toon 03

...Which Indo-Pak match- the one in London or the one in Kargil?

Kargil Toon 04

...I think , roll-back is more appropriate world than safe passage!

Kargil Toon 05

... Our Army's achievements would sound better if we could measure them in fours and sixes

Kargil Toon 06

...PMO has ordered an intensified vigil on Indo-Bangladesh borders!

Kargil Toon 07

...Half of us will boost the Indian Army’s morale and the rest will divert the enemy’s attention!

Kargil Toon 08

Now they will charge Pak army with battle-fixing!

Kargil Toon 10

They are not infiltrators but cricket fans!

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